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Any questions?

Most of the interviews generally end the interview with “What questions do you have for us?” It would be a big mistake not to ask any question and say that you don't have any question to ask. This is the best time for you to ask any query or get clarification from the interviewer. Generally, interviewers don't like if you don't ask any question to them. At the same time, it is important to ask pertinent and good questions to impress the interviewer. This question gets even more critical then you are interviewing for the second or third rounds with senior executives.

In corporate life, individuals need to have the courage and the business acumen to ask the right questions. No one individual has the complete knowledge of the entire business process. This information can only be obtained by asking the pertinent questions.

How many?

It is advisable to keep list of at least two questions ready to be asked to the interviewer. Some of the questions tend to get answered during the course of the interview hence on the safer side it is always advisable to keep a couple of questions ready with you. It may also happen that during the course of the interview, you get new questions that you need to ask to the interviewer but you need to keep a list of questions ready before hand. At the same time, please ensure that the number of questions to be asked to the interviewer do not exceed 3 as the interviewers may not like if you ask too many questions to them.

“Interviewers do not like if you don’t ask any questions!”

What not to ask?

Do not ask any questions that can easily be answered by doing a simple google search. Although of the interviewer may still answer the question, you may lose brownie points for not asking a good question and for not doing adequate research on the company. Similarly, do not ask any question on how the interview went or whether you will be shortlisted. If you are interviewing with aa non-hr manager do not ask a question on salary.

What to ask?

  • Recent news on the company is one of the good areas to ask a question. For instance, you could ask how the new acquisition could strengthen the existing portfolio products of the company.

  • Similarly, questions that resonates with the background of the interviewer maybe good to ask. For instance, if you are interviewing with the head of R&D, questions around innovation may be good to ask.

  • Another question that you can ask is how the role would evolve over the next 5 years. This question I would give you a very good sense of what the company has planned for you. This question also indicates to the interviewer that you are looking at this job opportunity from a long-term perspective.

  • A good question to ask is how a day would look like in the new role. This question would give you a very good insight into how your average day would be. It also helps you to unravel facets of the job that are not mentioned in the job description.

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