How to identify the best job sites in India?

A comprehensive evaluation of a job portal could be a tricky question to answer. Before we answer this question, lets step back and understand the perspectives of the two parties here – job seeker and recruiter. There is a lot at stake for everyone. The recruiter wants the job-seeker to be successful. The cost of a wrong hire pushes project milestones back. Eventually the recruiter is responsible On the other hand, the job seeker views the new job as a path to advance long-term career goals and sometimes even survival,

  • Intelligent recruiting: Intelligent recruiting involves use of AI, ML, chatbot and other digital means that enables recruiters to quickly search the right talent. It also means better controls to ensure genuine jobs are posted and certain basic hygiene standards are maintained. Top sites in India that offer such intelligence are, Nextjobnet etc. 

It would only be fair, if we first identify how people search jobs in real life

  • References: It is estimated that almost 60% of the jobs are filled through references. A referrer could be a person who could vouch for your style of working. As the stakes are very high, both the job seeker and recruiters are looking for a comfort zone that is reassuring. A person recommending someone can be a powerful tool. The questions sceptics that may ask is that what are interviews for? Interview are a way to evaluate candidates but an interview may be short-lived
  • Online job search: Searching jobs online is another way of finding jobs. Click-Search-Apply! An ideal job portal should have option for job posting and resume discoverability. Job posting implies an opportunity to post jobs. Resume discoverability gives recruiters an option to search resumes. Top sites in India that offer such searches are, monster, Nextjobnet etc.  
  • Social Network for jobs: Although social networking is similar to references but the means to references through digital means have added a new dimension to traditional references. Social media provides an opportunity for people to share thoughts and showcase talent. Social media leaves a permanent digital footprint for other to follow. Jobseekers can connect with recruiters of their dream companies, showcase their talent and pitch for the opportunities they deserve. Top sites in India that offer such searches are LinkedIn, monster, Nextjobnet etc. 

Based on the evaluation above, the best job portals in India would need to meet the criteria below:

  • Portals that allow social networking
  • Portals that have strict controls to ensure genuine jobs are posted
  • Portals that allow us to apply to jobs!

Following are the best job sites in India:

  • LinkedIn
  • Nextjobnet

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