How To Give A Perfect Video Interview

Interview videos are a impressive way to show proficiency and engage your audience. In addition, they are easy to generate.

Video interviews are the need of the hour as due to COVID-19 most of the interviews are scheduling in the form of Video interviews because during pandemic , mostly everyone gave video interviews so there is a need to nail them .

Recording an interview video can seem straightforward – are we talking about a person in front of the camera? But there’s really to consider a lot if you want to avoid the boring look and feel. Paying attention to the content, setting up, and recording process can take your interview from boring to spirited.

What is an Interview Video?

Do you watch news, late-night talk shows and documentary films? Well, if you watch them than let us tell you that they are actually the Interview videos. Interview videos usually focus on a person who answers the questions, usually on a distinct topic.

This style of video is up-close and personal, and the interviewer can be a subject matter expert or just an opinionated person. Unscripted and genuine interview videos are a great way to give a personal touch to a story or to provide a point of view.

Advantages of Interview Videos

  • Look at the Camera , not at the screen of your laptop:- Well,we all have a habit of looking at the laptop screen even if we are taking a selfie. But, its a wrong habit because your eye contact should be proper if you are giving an Interview. That is why, look at the Camera and not at the laptop screen while you are giving a video interview.
  • Have a good Internet Connection:- Repeatedly problem of Internet connection while giving a video interview is very annoying for you and the Interviewer . Half of your chances of getting hired are gone there only. That is why, make sure to have a good Internet connection while you are giving a video interview.
  • Choose a natural background or have a simplistic virtual background:- Wherever you sit for your Interview, make sure to choose a natural background or have a simplistic virtual background so that the video looks attractive and eye catchy.
  • Keep Smiling:- Its very important to show yourself confident and cheery in the Interview video. Throughout the video don’t forget to smile. Keep smiling throughout the video so that you look fresh and excited.
  • Be In a Distraction Free Environment:- It is very important that wherever you are giving your interview video, that place should be noise free and distraction free so that the recruiter can focus on you only.
  • Light should come from behind:– Try to make your subject face natural light, or use three-point lighting.

So, all these tips will help you giving a perfect Video Interview. So, what are you guys waiting for? Apply now on Nextjobnet and start preparing for your Video interview.

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