1. Recruiters spend more time on finding candidates on Social media such as Linkedin, and all Social Media rather than posting jobs on it. So, some time is best spent tweaking your profile to look in relevant search results; and additionally making certain your profile is as compelling as potential once recruiters do notice themselves on your page.

  2. This is bolstered by the cipher that its encompassing applicants who might not otherwise administer which is the individual colossal comprehension for employers to recruit to use social media.

  3. As shown after the study, employers see referrals as the most important source of quality applicants. So the solitary most compelling way to use social media to your advantage is to find people in your network who can refer you to recruiting organizations that you want to engage with the most.

  4. Leveraging social media as a networking tool is a great way to stay connected to people who can help you, boost the profile of people in your network, and build meaningful relationships in a virtual environment.

  5. You can also use Instagram as part of your job search. Start by creating a professional profile and then post professional things in it. Talk about a big win, create a story you just completed or post pictures of a project.

  6. We know you know, but it needs to be said anyway – there are social media mistakes you want to avoid making during your job search (and any time!).

  7. Remaining active is an important part of social media. If your profile does nothing – engage with a company, share helpful information, like a post – a recruiter may be overwhelmed by your profile. While this may not necessarily hurt your chances of getting a job, it is probably not to help you, especially if your competition is active.

  8. As you can see, social media is more than funny memes and visiting photos. Using social media to find a job is a acuity move, one that could help land your next opportunity.

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