Do you really need a Cover Letter?

This is a question that every job seeker asks themselves. Between informational interviews, applying for jobs, and keeping your life in order, do you really need to create a Cover letter for every job you apply? A tremendous time consuming task is job hunting and if the process is streamlined in any way, often the cover letter is nixed and the job seekers simply resume. This is a difficult question to answer that many employers may not explicitly require to present a cover letter with your application. So, the answer is yes.

If you are serious, you should include a customized cover letter with each job application, and present yourself in the most professional way. Why? Cover letters, as some may seem, are a great snapshot and a summary for employers. If you produce a clear, concise and informative letter, it can help employers to evaluate not only your skills, but also your communication, goals and objectives for your career. Still not sure? Here are some reasons that may convince you to get writing!

  • By having a cover letter with you, you have more information about your work also you have more experience. It gives you a chance to include more information that adds value to your resume. You have the opportunity to reveal more about your background, passion, and skills with a cover letter to an employer than your resume.
  • When you adapt each cover letter to the specific job you are applying for, hiring managers can clearly know the skills you have highlighted and the goals you have in the letter have been expressed, what type of candidate they are looking for.
  • With a cover letter you can demonstrate your passion about your industry or specifically about this job.
  • From our recruiter’s point of view, with the high volume of candidates they see daily, when they read a well-written and clear cover letter, they remember more about the candidate. Apart from just a resume they have some background on the candidate and have more to talk about in their initial phone screen.
  • This is an easy step to get out of the job hunting process, but in the end it can benefit you to produce an excellent cover letter. You will never get a negative look from the hiring manager on your cover letter, but they simply cannot appreciate a resume.

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